Who We Are

Urban Fresh Farms is a Dubai born vertical farm, founded in 2019 by a husband and wife team wanting to make a positive impact on food security in the Middle East and beyond.

Growing gourmet quality herbs using sustainable methods, we are able to reduce water use by ~90% compared to traditional methods, while also using no soil or pesticides.

The entire operation from growing, to sales and marketing is all done by the hands-on founders Scott and Ash. 

Currently a small scale commercial facility, we hope to grow as rapidly and happily as our fresh produce to be able to play a big role in the local market.

Our Mission

We are in the midst of a farming revolution in the UAE and we want to be part of accelerating it. Not only to ensure the steady supply of healthy food options, but also to educate the public on what modern farming is and can become.

Ultimately we strive to be producers of the regions highest quality fresh produce that can assist in making a healthier, happier community.

Dubai Investments Park 2

Dubai, UAE

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